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Sunday, February 7, 2010


i completely miss the holidays:(
and my cousins.
being in between fourteen and fifteen is just tough. will blog bout prom and the holidays + the ten parties i went for some other time=)
ps:nat, i did this for you.. haha

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anna's Deepavali Open House =DDD

i wanna go back to saturday.
went for church. phillip was babbling i couldn't get what he was saying, so i slept.
haha. what a Catholic.

Went to anna banana & popiah's house.
went wishing ppl.. and then..
*couldn't stop smiling*
*nudges andrina* hehe.
anyway, after eating yummy,high-in-cholesterol food,
we decided to gamble.
haha. i know. just like that x]
Popiah went to buy drinks and we bought cards.
started playing these KL card games and betting money.
i lost ten bucks and won FIVE BUCKS!
so much for that.
then vinod started saying that it was because of the, get this,
"Ipoh-people Syndrome"
smacked that dude.
& the stupid thing was, Popiah's students (malay ppl) were drinking whiskey.
tsk tsk.
so much for their..allahwashbum.
teacher melissa has gone mad.
she thinks i'm dating joel PINTO and melvin NAVIN!!
why, in heavens name, i don't know.
ps: Popiah has an awesome tattoo on his back which spells his name.
iknow! the irony of it eh!
kay la. gotta dream bout *hehehehe*
chao x)

Friday, October 16, 2009


i hate you esther.
so much.
that little orphan bugger!!
makes my blood rush.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

School today =)

school today was awesome!
started with morning prayer.
during english, chang wanted to put my ideas into writing. so, we started doing the modified version of robinson's story. haha. will promise to put it here when it's done.
During science,
chang&i talked about Korean movies. nice :)
i was suppose to duty with chang (according to her), but i didn't. so she made me sign the "Glitter Blood Contract".
the conditions were that i have to duty with her on tuesday for more than ten minutes or i become her slave for TWO days.
she then took my thumb and coloured it with green highlighter and forced me to put my fingerprint on the contract. Wacko.
Then, geo was boring. what do expect from that woman? nothing much actually. the woman uses two periods to talk about TWO PAGES. argh!
maths was awesome cause we played this game chang watched on a korean game show. we had to push our opponent down without moving our legs and only using our hands.
mel was aggressive.
and when mel and i played. mel pushed my hand and my pinky scraped some of the skin for changs eyelid.LOL.
it started swelling. Then mel made it worse when she told chang that her wound was starting to look like the Japanese flag HAHA.
Next, we were talking about icky stuff during sivik. thanks to ding, i can't look at a raw chicken anymore without having those mental images.
we bid farewells and some very annoying ppl kept wishing me Happy deepavali after me screaming at them that i'm not indian nor do i celebrate deepavali. Haha.. hornbill's awesome.

Bye now.


The mess i made =)

Hello hello. haha. i haven't blogged in ages.
a few updates:

Bronya's 21st...
i made a fool out of myself (yes,nat,AGAIN.) haha.
Thank god ezz showed up:)
to think that she knows half my clan..ahh. makes me proud. lol.
I made a masterpiece outside the Anderson Old cafeteria. haha. right next to the flagpole.
it was so eewish-tic. ps:a carrot popped out. LOL.

My mum was anything but sober. U.Sunny was dancing to Pokerface with Aunty Anne Marie's walking stick! (aunty anne's my GREAT aunt)
The birthday girl revealed her awesome tattoo on her back.
We danced, laughed, joked, drank, sang. As normal as any of our family reunions + a lot of booz.

That same day, i went to alia's house.
& there was this freaky guy who looks and acts like Noel Manosh. [like omg]
so creepy the way he was staring at me. *shudders*
The freak brought a gun and shot one of my church members. He got bruised pretty badly. Now he's parents wanna sue. (seriuosly)

On a sunday.
went for sunday school. duh.
Teacher made brennan read 500 words from the bible. lol.
Then mr.peter (like the rabbit :) ,
punished michael and leon for not paying attention. hah.
They were to dance in front of the whole class. Someone suggested pole dancing and handed them a broom each. The freak started sweeping the class. what???!
so,eric played a techno tune from his phone and leon stared JIGGLING. ROLF.
and michael did the same. Talk about yucky. haha.

Another random thing was when Mr. pete was complaining about maharajalela.

Mr pete: This malays all fanatics la. You look at that maharajalela guy. He commited a sin by
killing Birch. But they treated him like he was a superhero.
Stan : Teacher! don't say like that so loud! If not, they'll catch you and throw you in jail under
Mr.pete: Waa.. you also know what ISA. What does it stand for stan?
Stan : *with an indian accent* Itu Saya Ada!
*whole class bursts out laughing*

Random convo with Sonia after school.

Sonia: why don't you update your blog?
Me : cause my entire fav. list is gone and i don't remember my blog link.
Sonia: Do you remember your username?
Me : Yeah.
Sonia: Your password?
Me : yeah.
Me: Ohhh.yeahhh.
Sonia :*smacks head* OMG amelia..
haha. sonia had the abillity that day to make me feel like the biggest fool/idiot that day.

ahhhh.. awesome week :)
Now, i'm waiting for U.Nic & joel to come eat my mum's shark curry.
so much for save the sharks. lol.
bye now.
till then.

Monday, September 21, 2009



I have been exercising almost everyday of the holidays.
went to play kononnya "basketball" with anna, joevy and joelene and ended up doing everything but that. Haha.
we cycled. more like they(anna & joevy) cycled and joelene & i ran after them.
then, we played badminton.
But joelene kept losing to my mum and my mum LOST yo joelene's BROTHER!!

My mum spent 50$ on cd's at the shop crystal told me to go to.
now, every night she makes me watch one of the 4 movies for "Final Destination"
they're so boring.
we finished the fourth cd yesterday, tonight she's gonna start making me watch "THE OMEN"
ihateit. ihateit.
i hate scary movies i tell you. HATEIT. =(

ANYWAY, sonia's back! and safe! with bryan and mini&old anna. haha.

*Bryan and Yohan last year*


Happy Birthday Bryan!!


Well, that's all then. byebye.